I love to watch others as they move about their daily lives whether I am traveling or just sitting at my local library. I am from a small town, so striking up conversations with the people around me is something that comes naturally. I have both a strong emphathy and fascination for people who are more different from me. We spend most of our time with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, and we often don’t have opportunities to learn about what it’s like to live in another country or in a neighborhood different from ours. Books can give us this opportunity. We can sit in our homes and read about what it’s like to live in China or Appalachia, or to struggle for fairness and respect in a world where fairness and respect are not equally given.

Books can also help us see how similar we all are. Because of my work, I have regular conversations with people who live and work in Asia, Europe, and South America. We often talk about the weather, how their children are doing, and what they plan to do on their next day off. Sound familiar? My hope is that this site will help all of us learn from the many authors who have used their talents to help us better understand people who are different from us, and yet so much alike.

By day (and often, during many evenings and weekends), I am a lawyer. My people are my husband of 29 years who is a retired judge, my daughter who is at Ole Miss studying accounting, and my son who is at the University of Southern Indiana studying computer science. Oh, and we have 2 of the most sweet and adorable dachshunds – Max and Tucker!

Hi, I’m Max. Tucker won’t sit still for a picture!

Let’s build something together.

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