Legacy and the Queen created by Kobe Bryant

I really don’t follow sports so I had to play catch up on the national – maybe worldwide – mourning for the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the others who were involved in the terrible helicopter accident. I was quickly pulled in as I learned more about Kobe. He was a force and a light for many, but the part of his life that intrigued me most was the work he was beginning to do to encourage and lift up girls. He said, “I have four girls at home… It’s important that they see characters that look like them and that they see athletes.”

To do this, Kobe started Granity Studios, a multimedia original content company, which tells stories around sports, “bringing education and inspiration together.” Granity Studios produced the book Legacy and the Queen which I read, in part to better understand Kobe, and also in honor of Black History Month which is celebrated in the US, UK, and Canada during the month of February. The book concept and characters were created by Kobe and the story was written by Annie Matthew. The book is targeted for ages 10 and up. I’m older than 10 so I qualified.

The story centers around Legacy Petrin, a tennis player from the poorer neighborhood of the Republic of Nova. She is compelled to compete against “the elites” so that she can earn enough money to save her father’s orphanage. The book includes several diversity and inclusion themes. Because Legacy is from the poorer neighborhood, she looks and acts differently, and she often feels that people are watching her – waiting for her to make a mistake. She hasn’t had formal training like the elites have, and she doesn’t have mentors to help her navigate the politics of the high-profile tennis competition. The elites also need a lesson in inclusion. They don’t include Legacy in social activities and she frequently feels like an outsider. With the help of a couple of loyal friends, she is ultimately able to overcome her feelings of exclusion and succeed.

I highly recommend this book – for yourself or for kids in your life. As so many of us mourn the loss of Kobe and his daughter, Gianna, reading this book is a way to remember the many good things that he put into motion. He set out to #bethechange, and I have confidence that the people he surrounded himself with will carry forward the mission.

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